Airport Charge

1 Landing Charge 1. Rs. 40 for the first 10,000Kg,
2. From 10,001 Kg to  20,000Kg, Rs. 435 for the first 10,000 Kg and Rs80 for additional 1000Kg.
3. Above 20,000Kg,  Rs 1,200 For the first 20,000 Kg and Rs 120 for additional 1000Kg.
4. 25 % additional charge on above rate will be charged for chartered flight.
5. 13% VAT will be added to the total charges.
2. Communication and Navigation Charge 25 % of each landing charge.
For each overflying Navigation Charge is payable
3. Security Charge 10% of the landing charge.
4. Parking Charge 1. Rs37.50/Kg for aircraft having All up weight up to 40,000Kg.
2. Every 6 hours of parking will be counted as one unit of   parking
3. Parking charge is waived for the first 3 hours of parking. After exceeding first 3 hours, each     6 hours will make one parking unit, including first 3 hours of parking.
4. For aircraft, whose flight permission is expired and currently not in operation, will be          charged 25% of above specified parking rate.
5. Cargo Charge Rs.00.30/Kg.
6. Cargo Mgt. Charge Rs.00.50/Kg.
7. Meteorological Service Charge USD 15 /landing or take off
8. Extended hour operation charge Rs.3000/hr.
9. Charter flight permission Charge USD 50 for the 15 days as one time basis. (Additional USD 25 is payable for every consecutive 15 days.)
10. Air Turbine Fuel Charge 00.30 % of gross sales
11. Housing Charge Rs.150/1000Kg.
12. Hangar Rent Rs.150 / sq.m per month
13. Land Rent 1.Minimum Rs.150/Sq.m. per year for civil aviation or tourism or commercial use,
Rs.100/sq.m.per month for hangar construction
2.Minimum 250/ropani per year for agriculture/sport use
14. Terminal space rent Rs.300/Sq.m. per month
15. Airport restricted area pass charge Rs. 510/person
16. Advertisement charge Rs 500 per sq.m. per month inside terminal and Rs. 300 per sq.m per month outside terminal